Antique and period jewels require specialist care and knowledge to keep them looking their best. We recommend a full inspection every year for jewels that are worn regularly, to check for potential problems or signs of wear. 

We work closely with our panel of specialist goldsmiths who are experts in assessing and restoring jewels, working with traditional techniques which are sympathetic to the jewel’s age. We also offer a remodelling service, transforming items that have been unused and disregarded, into fabulous wearable jewels!

Jewellery check list:

♦ Give the jewel a gentle shake, is anything rattling when it shouldn’t? This could mean a gemstone is loose. 
♦ Is the jewel catching on fabric or in your hair? This could indicate a claw has lifted. This could lead to loss of a gemstone if not attended to. 
♦ Does the metal look tarnished even when you have just cleaned it? It could mean that a gentle polish and plate is needed, giving life back to a slightly tired piece.